Everyday matters drawing challenge 249

Drawing 249

I am swinging by to share another drawing challenge photo.  This is EDM drawing challenge 249 which prompts us to draw a coffee pot. This is an old copper pot my father had. The pot is no longer functional as the tin lining is damaged and there are a number of dents in it now. Click the image and you see a larger version.

I used Faber Castell Pitt pens, watercolour paint and Derwent watercolour pencils to do the exercise .

item on deskThese exercises to draw items on a list of prompts do prevent me wandering about the place looking for something to draw. I just find something, plonk it down on my work table and get on with it. The main thing for me is to practice draw from life.  Its’ a bit like a musician doing scales – drawing from life regularly helps keep my eye in. It does not matter what it is I draw. The drawing does not have to have any deep and meaningful message. The object can be part of my life but that is it.

Here is  the EDM challenge list . Scroll to see my efforts. The Every Day Matters drawing challenge has a flickr group and Facebook page.

Why is Art important?

What is Art for?
Have you ever felt afraid to ask What is Art for? Or felt you might be considered stupid for asking the question?

In this great, short, no nonsense video Alain de Botton proposes five things that explain why Art matters

Everyday matters Drawing challenge # 125

EDM # 125 reads  Draw a bird. This Bird was started off drawing from life but of course since it is spring the wrens are very frisky! Fortunately I snapped a photo before I started drawing. Sure enough, I barely got the body shape defined before the bird was off chasing a lady so I finished off this drawing later at home from the photo I took.

draw a birdI used watercolours, watercolour pencils, inktense pencils and pit pens over a foundation of gesso and tissue paper.

Hopefully I am getting back to the swing of drawing things. I had a goal this year to re-establish a regular habit of drawing and sharing the results here. It has been patchy to say the least.

Click the image and you see a larger version. Here is  the EDM challenge list . Scroll to see my efforts. The Every Day Matters drawing challenge has a flickr group and Facebook page.

A journal page that evokes a mood

Today I  thought I would share a journal page spread. I do these collages as a start to a journal as I hate facing a empty first page. I sometimes do 2 or 3 of these and by then I feel I have been working in the book for a while so dont have the jitters about using it. Silly I know as it is only a sketchbook.

September 2013 journal page 1I usually lay down a layer of gesso, add watercolours and then start building layers of imagery from there. This was created for one of the journals I used while travelling. I think of my collage pages as having moods and evoking stories.


If you click on the image you will see a much larger version of the photo and feel free to use it as a desktop if you like.

On another note I am quite aware that  I have been a little remiss here but life has been busy. There will be a few changes afoot with life (good ones) and with this blog. As regular readers know when we went traveling last year Jerry started writing in this space too. We have decided that  Jerry will have his own site for his photography and  I will be reclaiming this territory for sketchbook/art journalling paper arts type topics. We are still working on Jerry’s site but will let everyone know when the site is open for visitors.