Urban Sketchers Canberra visit Old Parliament House

The Urban Sketchers Canberra regular meeting is the first Sunday of the month I was thrilled when we had a great turnout yesterday. I was quite prepared for handful of people to turn up as many families in Canberra are still on holidays as it is the summer school break. Many families take advantage of the holidays and make a quick trip to the coast. We met in the foyer of Old Parliament House and greeted some new faces to the group.
speakers chair - sketchI had not realised that the Old Parliament House was so accessible as this is a historic building where ideas about Australia was shaped. Although we could only use pencil (no wet media) I thought I was very lucky to be able to sit in the house of representatives and sketch the speakers chair.

sketching in the house of repsSitting at the desks various politicians had used for years the history of the place impressed itself on me. I am not sure I would be able to do this is such a historic building elsewhere. There are many places and items to sketch. For instance the press gallery is in tact, various offices and there is good exhibition about the Magna Carta.

house off reps sketchersAfter a couple of hours sketching the group shared their work over lunch at the Hoi Polloi cafe. Conversation was animated and enthusiastic – needless to say the dominating topics revolved around sketching.

urban sketchers CanberraIf you are interested in Urban sketching in Canberra come along and join us – we are a motley crew, but you can find out what is going on by visiting our facebook page of course people with all levels of skill are welcome.