5 days art challenge day 1

As I mentioned yesterday I am starting the 5 days art challenge today. The idea is post 3 sketches a day for 5 days running. You can if you wish post old sketches but I have decided that since this has turned into overload January I may as well attempt to post 3 new sketches. I may have to post older stuff but I am going to give it a try and in the mean while catch up on some of the other drawing challenges I have taken on too.

I’ve been nominated for the 5 days Art Challenge by Jules Woolford of Needle and Pen

drawing of grapesThe first drawing where someone is stealing my grapes is another  Sketchbook Skool bootcamp drawing exercise. It is from week 1 so I hang my head in shame as I post this one. This drawing topic is also #24 on  the EDM challenge list  which reads: Draw some fruit.

Sketches 2 and 3 are related as they are of the same thing but in different media. They are some wild summer grass. Yes, she nods to self, I am quite sane, just because I went for a walk and picked some weeds does not mean I have lost my mind.

drawing of summer grassAnyway week 3 of the bootcamp exercises is about using coloured pencils and building up colour. I find the process agonisingly slow and to be honest I think I need to do this exercise again on something that has blocks of colour rather than my weeds.

drawing of wild grassI decided I was much more of a watercolour person so tried the weeds again in watercolour – and I think you can see I enjoyed peering at them closely and seeing what colours I could see in the seed heads.

These two drawing also fits the  AJW Sketchbook challenge run by Palma of A Creative Journey  who proposes a daily prompt throughout January which is shared in the Artist Journal Workshop Facebook group The prompt for day 15 is: found objects from a nature walk.

This drawing is also #63 on  the EDM challenge list  which reads: Go on a nature walk pick items and draw what you can find. The Every Day Matters group also has a  Facebook page where people share what they have done.

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