5 days art challenge day 2

As I mentioned yesterday I am doing the Facebook  5 days art challenge meme. I plan to post 3 sketches a day for 5 days running. I’ve been nominated by Jules Woolford of Needle and Pen

drawing of bokchoy
As you can see today is market day! Last week I was asked what a bok choy was. This is it – it is a member of celery family I think but a bit like a spinach as well . You can use it in stir fry type meals.

drawing of capsicumThe next drawing is another failed attempt at  Sketchbook Skool bootcamp drawing exercise which is to build up colour using coloured pencils. Well I tossed them pretty quickly into this and used watercolour, then deepened the colour with pencils – so technically I still have not cracked this but I am not sure I want to. I am interested in speeding up the process of drawing and getting looser not slowing down and tightening up. Anyway no matter as it fits with the prompt #178 on  the EDM challenge list  which reads: Draw something red.

drawing of of something round This drawing topic is also #117 on  the EDM challenge list  which reads: Draw something round.  The Every Day Matters group also has a  Facebook page where people share what they have done.

All of these were done in a a Mixed media Strathmore sketchbook with watercolours, pitt pens and in the case of the capsicums some coloured pencils.

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