5 days art challenge day 3

Drawing of toolsHere I am waving happily with my 3 sketches. I ventured out into the depths of Jerry’s shed which is not so organised chaos. Anyway I decided to raid some tools and draw them. I am beginning to feel as if my self imposed  “overload January” is starting to pay off because it is not taking so long to produce something! I think I have learnt to knuckle down and get on with it rather than faffing about.

All of these were done in a a Mixed media Strathmore sketchbook with watercolours, and pitt pens.

Drawing of toolsThe G clamps I actually use in book binding. After sewing the signatures and glueing the spine, using the G clamps,  I clamp the book block between two planks of wood that are about the size of bread board. I let the glue dry for about 24 hours before binding on the covers. I do not have a real book press but this technique works fine. Also I press it again once I have made the covers. The small hammer is actually mine. Since it is so small and ideal for all sorts of craft related activities.

Drawing of Hand DrillThe last is hand drill which is quite old. The simple mechanical nature of it is very appealing and it reminds me of Dad as I can remember him using one just like it so I think this fits with EDM  prompt #20  Draw something “Dad”. The other two drawings are for prompt  #273 on  the EDM challenge list  which simply states Tools.

I was nominated for the 5 days Art Challenge by Jules Woolford of Needle and Pen

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13 Responses to 5 days art challenge day 3

  1. Anneliese says:

    How good it is to see all those for me well-known tools and they are so perfectly sketched – better than photos.

  2. Oh, these are wonderful, especially the clamps and the drill. My dad had one of those too – and I also have my own tool kit and small hammer. Oddly enough it gets used by Andy in preference to his own tools!

  3. Barbara M says:

    Wow! The way you have captured those G clamps, Sharon, and when I saw the hand drill it reminded me how my dad used to use the old hand tools, too (lathes etc.)he used to build clocks and repair watches(a love of his) Your drawing was good to start with but now I think it’s just gone up a big notch!!
    Barbara M

    • sharonb says:

      Thanks Barbara – I think something has clicked in my brain and I am getting some of my old skill back – long way to go yet however.

  4. lin says:

    I remember my Dad using one of those drills too! Loving your drawings. xx

  5. My favourite is the hand drill. You certainly are precise in your rending of the splines (am I using the correct term) around the wheel. Following your drawings and those of a couple other online friends prompted me to attempt my version of a cut capsicum shown by Myfanwy Hart on “Be Creative. A friend visiting today noticed it (mine) and asked why I was drawing a section of a heart! I’m going back to stitching!

  6. Maureen Bond says:

    The G cramps and hand drill look able to be picked up. Colouring is perfect too. It shows you are in your element with your drawings now. Fabulous.

    • sharonb says:

      Thanks Maureen Lots of people have responded to those – I am surprised as I thought the topic a bit boring – but found the drawing interesting to do I guess it shows

  7. Chris says:

    The last thing I want is to sound patronising so please don’t take my comment that way. What I want to say is your drawing has improved out of sight since you started this when you went to Paris and London. I am not an expert but 10 years of guiding at the National Gallery gives me a little smidge of street cred I hope. These are lovely drawings.

    • sharonb says:

      Chris Not at all patronising because you are right – when I say I am rusty – I am and I can feel my old drawing brain waking up but it takes lots of practice – basically I have to go through the agony of iffy drawings – knowing in the past a long time ago I did better – But I have decided this year to change that.
      If I did not agree with your comment I would still publish it – the only time I have not published a comment was if it racist, sexist or obviously a troll wanting an argument.Telling me I have improve is nothing in world like that – so use our street cred. I will always read and consider.

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