5 days art challenge day 4

EDM 196  drawing of rope trapezeI think for today I have come up with something different. I decided That my daughters trapeze was an ideal object to draw for the EDM challenge   prompt #196 “Draw some rope”. Well… there is quite a bit of rope in a trapeze so it took a little while. As my regular readers might remember my daughter Eve, works in a circus. She is currently touring in New Zealand with Circus Aotearoa. This is an old Trapeze she left in storage here.

drawing of ballet slippersPeople always say how “lucky” she is to be a circus performer but what they don’t realise is how many hours of training she does. To be able to hang from a trapeze you need a lot of upper body strength and keeping fit is not something you can just do every now and then. Eve trains daily and her skill is not just as a acrobat but also she has taken dance classes too. These ballet slippers always remind me of the discipline she has imposed on herself. Not for month or two but for well over a decade.  I think when people watch any sort of physical performer they forget the training and time it takes to make something look light and graceful. These ballet slippers fit  the EDM challenge   prompt #312 “Draw something light”  This drawing also fits in Day 8 of the Sketch a Day challenge which is to sketch footwear

drawing of teapotFinally before I became too boring with proud Mum moments  I decided to draw Eve’s black and white spotty teapot which meets the criteria for day 16  of the  AJW Sketchbook challenge  which is shared in the Artist Journal Workshop Facebook group The challenge was to draw something black and white. Also the EDM challenge   prompt #290 reads “Draw a teapot” so it fits that too!

So all of these items are themed around one person – my daughter Eve. It has been fun drawing them, particularly since the Strathmore sketchbook I am drawing in she gave me for Christmas.

I am doing the Facebook  5 days art challenge meme. I am posting 3 sketches a day for 5 days running. I was nominated by Jules Woolford of Needle and Pen

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