A journal page that evokes a mood

Today I  thought I would share a journal page spread. I do these collages as a start to a journal as I hate facing a empty first page. I sometimes do 2 or 3 of these and by then I feel I have been working in the book for a while so dont have the jitters about using it. Silly I know as it is only a sketchbook.

September 2013 journal page 1I usually lay down a layer of gesso, add watercolours and then start building layers of imagery from there. This was created for one of the journals I used while travelling. I think of my collage pages as having moods and evoking stories.


If you click on the image you will see a much larger version of the photo and feel free to use it as a desktop if you like.

On another note I am quite aware that  I have been a little remiss here but life has been busy. There will be a few changes afoot with life (good ones) and with this blog. As regular readers know when we went traveling last year Jerry started writing in this space too. We have decided that  Jerry will have his own site for his photography and  I will be reclaiming this territory for sketchbook/art journalling paper arts type topics. We are still working on Jerry’s site but will let everyone know when the site is open for visitors.

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4 Responses to A journal page that evokes a mood

  1. Anneliese says:

    A nice page to take the journal’s virginity! Your book are filled with watercolour paper, I am sure, so paper doesn’t soak up the humidity. — I am certainly very much interestd in Jerry’s own site.

    • sharonb says:

      Thanks Anneliese the paper is cartridge paper – not watercolour but I always prime it with gesso. That seals the paper. I told jerry you were interested in his site

  2. Cathy says:

    Thanks for helping me solve the problem of facing “the ” first blank page”. A simple solution to inspire me to begin drawing.
    Begun…is half done!

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