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This site has been used to track my re-descovery of sketching  after many years using a computer. It is in the process of being retired as I have re-launched In a Minute Ago as a site which explores the rich diversity of contemporary journals and journaling techniques, offering ideas and prompts to have fun with. For me keeping a journal is part art journal, part sketchbook, and part written journal. Future sketching will be folded into In a Minute Ago as it is aspect of my journaling habit.

Why does this site exist?

Tones and Tints is a by-product of us pausing for a moment to take in a fragment of life. I am not a writer , but I use words and images to make sense of an idea, or a thought. Drawing helps me to understand what I see. For me, drawing is not about a finished piece of Art with a capital A, but an activity that leaves a trace we call a drawing. I am currently trying to revive the habit of drawing regularly. I felt the need for a quiet place online where I could share this journey with others who are on the same path.


When is this site updated?
Tones and Tints is written purely in order to take time to think, reflect and record impressions. I write as the mood takes us and we make no promises to write daily, weekly or even monthly.

Biopic-sharonb-150Who is the author?
My name is Sharon Boggon and my online name for years has been Sharon B. I write another blog Pintangle which is focused on textiles.

Training in the visual arts started in Perth. I originally trained as a painter. Then further studies in the Textile workshop led me to teach at the Canberra School of Art which is part of the Australian National University. I was there for 12 years, starting in the textiles workshop, before my career shifted to teaching what was then quaintly termed ‘Computer Arts’. This meant I taught such programs as Photoshop and Illustrator also by then I had branched out into Web Design.

journalsI have been an avid journal writer for over 25 years – almost a habit – as I have written and/or drawn almost every day since 1989. I am fascinated by the way story-telling is shifting because of changes in technology. More people have access to  tools that allow them to speak but these same tools allow the creation of whole new genres.

Where has Jerry gone?

This site used to be written by myself and Jerry my husband. His focus on photography has meant he has started his own site The Fogwatch you will find him over there sharing his thoughts on travel and life.

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6 Responses to About

  1. SandyB says:

    Sharon, what a lot of journals – your art is wonderful.
    Sandy in Canberra too

  2. Barbara says:

    I enjoyed looking at your journal spreads, Sharon, your colours are so rich and inviting. I use to work on Artists trading cards long ago and this could very well re-kindle an interest in creating collages from paper and fabric.
    Looking forward to seeing more through your eyes!

  3. Faye Carole Post says:

    You both are inspirations. Thank you so very much

  4. Kath G says:

    I’ve followed Pintangle along but didn’t realise until Mary Corbet’s post yesterday that you have Tones and Tints too. Love what you’re doing and glad have found you here.
    Cheers, Kath

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