AJW Drawing challenge day 1

Happy New Year everybody!


With the new year comes new challenges and this sketch is part of a drawing challenge run by Palma of A Creative Journey. It is a fairly easy going challenge working everyday in January from a list of prompts. I will probably hop around the list a bit as I hope to mainly draw from life but the challenge allows the use of photos. The idea is to draw and share it in the Artist Journal Workshop Facebook group

The First day of the challenge reads: sketch an item than you can’t bare to throw away but should. This is very similar to the EDM challenge 114 – Draw something ugly you love and keep for sentimental reasons. Here is  the EDM challenge list . Scroll to see my efforts. The Every Day Matters drawing challenge also has a  Facebook page. So my new starts combining two challenges in 1

This is a very tatty and tired Christmas decoration because it is 64 years old. My Mother purchased in the first year of her marriage. It was not long after the war and it is made of brittle cheap plastic with fake mistletoe woven in and out of it. It has aways been part of our Christmas. There are photos of of us 3 kids with the “mistletoe bell” and it was always hung somewhere in our house. Now that I have inherited it, I hang it on the tree each year and it holds very fond memories for me but it is ugly tacky thing that should be thrown way.

I sketched it quickly using watercolour and pitt pens in a Strathmore Mixed media sketch book. As usual click on the photo to see a larger version.

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