…and after the challenge …she cleaned!

drawing of cleaning suppliesOK people can have a chuckle at this. With doing the 5 day challenge my house was a mess. So today my sketch is what I was using to do my  cleaning. As I stopped to sketch these I thought you cant get more mundane that this but anything is suitable to sketch as practice. It does not have to be particularly deep and meaningful. Some people feel that art has to be serious but I think to represent everyday life is OK. The shapes in these items made me stop, look and draw which is what a drawing exercise needs to be.

I have to admit that after racing about doing 3 sketches a day doing 1 is a relief! Best of all it feels much easier to find the time to do it. I know it is not a great piece but at least I did it!

This was done in Strathmore mixed media sketchbook using artist pitt pens and watercolour paint. I must admit drawing across the middle of the sketchbook is beginning to annoy me. I think when I finish this one I will use a larger size as I often feel cramped. The advantage of this size (5.5 x 8.5 inches or approximately A5) is that it fits in my hand bag and it is easily carried around. I have used this size journal a lot for that reason but I have to admit I often feel cramped. An A4 size is very large to fit in a bag. So I swing back and forth between the two sizes depending on my mood.

This topic is also #263 on the  EDM challenge list which reads Draw your favourite cleaning supply – well I am not sure there is anything favourite about cleaning stuff but this is what I was using this morning.  For those interested the Every Day Matters drawing challenge has a Facebook page where people share photos of what they have been sketching.

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9 Responses to …and after the challenge …she cleaned!

  1. Chris says:

    Congratulations on finishing that challenge. And for doing it with such panache. As for the cleaning …. I guess I’d rather draw the things than use them too.

  2. Anneliese says:

    Haha, I am laughing, Sharon. It is ok to see this – and to sketch it even more – we see it every day in use.

  3. Beth in IL says:

    Good job on the challenge. Cleaning? What is that?

  4. Sharon !
    Cleaning can be a terrible waste of creative time! I can close my eyes to dust bunnies, most times, but your great sketch made me feel a little guilty.
    On another point, maybe when you have time to spare, could you explain the relevance of artist Pitt pens, and Lamy fountain pens to an absolute beginner, please?
    I see you referring to them frequently but I have no idea when or how to USE them, let alone to CHOOSE them.Do you do your initial sketch with the pen, or use the pen to emphasize detail?

    • sharonb says:

      Hi Maureen these are really good questions and they deserve a blog post to answer them which is something I will do in February as I plan to start a series of posts answering questions like this. I hope to turn this blog into something that is of use to people. Any other questions? Let me know I will add them to my list!

  5. Love this – definitely the true spirit of EDM! ( We can’t get Ajax here any more!) Great comment from Maureen – will look forward to your posts.

  6. Marysia says:

    Now I know where my time goes. Using the supplies instead of drawing them. I liked the theme. I just do not understand how a house can get so messy after a few days of not cleaning but it does and there are only the 2 of us left.

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