Arrived in Paris to live with a haughty Giraffe

We have arrived in Paris to a lovely compact apartment and haughty giraffe. By chance my first drawing in this city fits the EDM drawing challenge # 288 as the prompt reads “Draw something with spots”.

I think it’s a female giraffe because she has big eyes and a suitable haughty expression. Our apartment in Paris is lovely and is decorated in black white and lime green and has this strange giraffe that is I am sure a very fashionable interior decorator item.

Everyday Drawing Matters Drawing Challenge 288Why am I drawing a spotty giraffe? Well I am dealing with body time clock that is telling me 3 in the morning is 3 in the afternoon. At 3 in the afternoon I am giddy with tiredness. Since I cant exactly bound out and see the sites in the middle of the night I decided to draw my friend here. So this was sketched as I was wide awake while the city slept.

spotted giraffeAs I worked my new inktense pencils over the page, outside I could hear people in twos and threes make their way home from clubs and bars. One stumbled over a couple of empty wine bottles, sending them clattering down the uneven pavement into street, making such a racket on the uneven surface that it drowned out the curses made by the late night pedestrian who had caused the noise.

Anyway here is my EDM challenge drawing 288 “Draw something with spots”

The Every Day Matters drawing challenge has  a yahoo group, a flickr group and Facebook page.

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