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AJW day 22 historic building

drawing of a church

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5 Responses to AJW day 22 historic building

  1. Marj Kammueller Wisconsin, USA says:

    that is really lovely – inviting – makes you want to be there.

  2. That stonework would have really tested your shading skills. So beautifully worked Sharon. A lovely building portrayed in all its beauty

  3. Barbara M says:

    I like the partial detail of the bricks and their shades, it adds a more interesting finish than painting the whole area.

  4. Barbara M says:

    The first comment was not accepted?
    I like the way you have picked out partial detailing of the brickwork and their shades. More interesting than painting the whole area.

    • sharonb says:

      HI Barbara it was accepted but it very strange you got the error message- thanks for the comment it was a fun building to draw

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