Colourful Zandra Rhodes talking about using sketchbooks

I discovered this wonderful Video of Zandra Rhodes talking about using sketchbooks. I love her “You just have to Live with it” comments and was amazed at how thin the paper is in her obviously well thumbed art journals.

In digging around I found this wonder piece of Zandra Rhodes at home in her studio. There are lots of images of her highly original work. Everything about her work makes me smile as it is all such a celebration of what she sees.

A Creativity Spark

I think it is time for a creativity spark in that I came across Phil Hansen’s TED talk and thought many of my readers would appreciate his story too. Phil Hansen is an artist who developed a tremor in his hand while still at art school. Phil Hansen speaks about how he learnt to work within limitations and not transcend them but simply step completely outside them.
[ted id=1747]