Seoul – art and craft supplies

Insadong – the district in which we stayed turned out to be a real gem. Not least because it is the artisan district and is absolutely packed with small traditional shops with amazing hand-made art supplies.

Seoul brush shop

The calligraphy brush shops catered for every size brush up to ones the size of broomsticks! All beautifully crafted and using fine hair for the brush. Needless to say Sharon was over the moon.

Seoul - paperThen we found the paper shop – not newspapers and magazines, but paper – nothing but paper… All of it hand made and with flowers and leaves pressed in, and every shade and thickness you could want, from the lightest rice paper to the heaviest card and with the whole range of the colour wheel.

Seoul - craft supplies shop

There were also paper-crafted objects, like fans and bookmarks and cards, but for us the fascination was with the textures and colours and varieties of the paper itself.

Finding gems like this is what makes travel worthwhile 🙂

Expect a flurry of activity!

We have been in transit for a week. Expect a flurry of activity but before the flurries start to fall I want to introduce Jerry who is my partner in life and now my blog buddy too! Why are we newly a forged blogging couple? I saw this photo taken by him while we were in Sydney and decided that his travel photos where too good not to share with readers.

photographed by Jerry Everard

This photo was taken at the coffee shop upstairs in Dymock’s Bookstore.

Mystery how a photograph fell through a rift in time

I am very concerned as it appears that via some sort of strange rift in the fabric of time a desperate struggling artist used one of Tadao Cern photographs as a source image for his ‘self Portrait’. I believe the artist’s name is Vincent … It is a strange story indeed …

Revealing The Truth from Tadao Cern on Vimeo.

Tadao Cern is the Lithuanian architect and photographer who produced this clever piece and the curious thing is that he had another strange encounter with a woman called Mona Lisa.