The Book of Kells Online

The Book of Kells in its entirety can be viewed online as part of the Trinity College Library’s digital collection. We were lucky enough to see it was exhibited at the National Gallery when it came to Australia, but I have been enjoying quietly browsing it online.

Book of Kells screenshotThe pages are photographed at a very high resolution so you can zoom right in and closely examine the designs. I love the complexity of the patterning. Of course there is the main imagery but I keep noticing the little areas of decoration tucked in corners or in little out of the way area and marvelling at it. I just had to share!

There is also a new iPad app of the Book of Kells for folks with a tablet

The fantastic paper sculptures of Cheong-ah Hwnag

papernooodle screenshotI spotted this piece of paper sculpture on facebook, doing the rounds without credit to the artist. Since I always feel a great unease about sharing photos of artists work without credit I decided to do some research.
I turned to  Tineye which is a reverse image search service and I found who created it within minutes and I was happily eyeballing more eye candy created by Cheong-ah Hwang.

You can find a Bio and details about the work on the artists website Papernoodle more on the flickr site

Flashmob recreate The Night Watch

This flashmob stunt in a shopping center reconstructed Rembrandt’s painting, The Night Watch. Performers in period dress gallop in on horses, arrive by swinging from balconies and abseiling down ropes to recreate a particular moment.

I think this is the best flash mob video I have ever seen and a really good way to promote the re-opening of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.