Colour Scheme fun

Colour schemeChoosing a batch of colours that sit together can be a bit frustrating at times. For people who paint and sketch they can often see a good colour scheme in life, directly in front of them.To my mind this is an easy way to discover colour.  Textile artists often let the materials indicate the colour scheme. So a quilter will choose a patterned fabric and select colours found within that print and match threads and accessories to those colours.

But what does a designer do? How does the designer who created that fabric print come up with some fresh colour schemes? How can you come up with fresh colour schemes?

Analogous Colour schemeThe interactive learning unit at ILU has designed an excellent colour calculator for designers. This is code, for me saying there is a fun designers toy to play with.

Colour schemeThe Color Calculator is simple to use. You choose a base colour, then select a harmony. Simple! As you ‘play’ with this online tool and ‘playing’ with the complementary, monochromatic colour, analogous, split complements, triadic and tetradic colour schemes you can see how they each work.

Triadic Colour schemeThe slider on the left will shift the key ie the saturation and you can either print or save as pdf via your printer settings.

Tedradic Colour schemeScroll down the page to read about the basics of colour theory. If you have never done any art training these basics will prove very useful if you have a reminder never does any harm and then your ‘play’ with Color Calculator will consolidate what you know.

final colour schemeAs you can see with Spring her in Australia I am in Summerish mood! Now could these be the colours of new website? Mmm … thinks to self candy ice cream colours could be fun …

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12 Responses to Colour Scheme fun

  1. Barbara M says:

    Sharon, I think it’s all this drawing in pencil – I just had to have a ‘colour fix’ and you kindly supplied me with one!
    Many thanks.
    Barbara XX

  2. Barbara M says:

    I always think that whilst I’m learning to draw in pencil, the importance of showing different shades and concentrating on shape, form, perspective etc. is so valuable and the colour is such a distraction 🙂
    Barbara M

  3. Barbara M says:

    P.S I am scouting about for a set of good watercolour pencils 🙂

    • sharonb says:

      Barbara I use Derwent pencils and I have their aquatone pencils which are like woodless watercolour pencils – and inktense to use if I really want some bright areas

      • Barbara M says:

        Thanks, Sharon, I have been looking at the Faber Castell watercolour pencils and the Graphitint ones and on and on and on I go – There are thousands of colours out there!!

        • sharonb says:

          Yes there is a lot of stuff to spend your money on- Faber Castell are good as brand. I always compare local prices with online – since your in the UK my favourite place of all time is this place

          unfortunately they don’t ship to Australia but when ever I am in the UK I shop there as their prices are so good. They also have cheapie sketchbook that is not bad either ( for the price)

          • Barbara M says:

            Thanks for the link, Sharon .
            I have just ordered another set of Pitt pens in shades of grey they look lovely! Also my husband has ordered a table top easel with storage so I can practice sitting properly(I think posture is something I need to look at) it will be handy enough if I’m travelling. I have also put a bid in on E-bay for a set of Faber castell watercolour pencils with a soft grip. Great moves because now I am even more committed to carrying on with the drawing/painting 🙂
            Best wishes
            Barbara X

  4. Oh I love this – hours of fun!

    • sharonb says:

      Yes I am a little colour scheme mad at the moment – am thinking of re-design of this website and my kitchen needs renovating!

  5. Barbara M says:

    Again, thanks so much Sharon, I don’t know if my first thank you came through, but this will be a useful site for me

  6. Allie Aller says:

    Just this morning I was wondering about harmonics in color, and this pops up! Thanks, Sharon…

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