Colourful Zandra Rhodes talking about using sketchbooks

I discovered this wonderful Video of Zandra Rhodes talking about using sketchbooks. I love her “You just have to Live with it” comments and was amazed at how thin the paper is in her obviously well thumbed art journals.

In digging around I found this wonder piece of Zandra Rhodes at home in her studio. There are lots of images of her highly original work. Everything about her work makes me smile as it is all such a celebration of what she sees.

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6 Responses to Colourful Zandra Rhodes talking about using sketchbooks

  1. allie says:

    Love the artichokes!
    She is fabulous.

  2. Marg Roberts says:

    Thanks for the great video. I did enjoy it as I met and worked with Zandra at the NGA with A Century of Fashion. I had to make a headpiece for the display of one of her garments. It was fun as she is such a down to earth person. She autographed my copy of her book. I wish I still had it as it was full of her sketches and I think I actually used one of her designs to extend to embroidery. Like many books I “lost” when I downsized in 2011 I just have to recall the memory. Hope the memory hangs in! See you soon.

  3. Leonie says:

    Hi Sharon
    thanks for both links. It is the way of serendipity that I purchased one of Todd Selby’s books on the weekend. I’ll be looking at that site again!

  4. Fantastic. Zandra is one of our ‘true British eccentrics’ and I’m very glad! Loved her drawings and her theory. Thanks very much for sharing this one, I really enjoyed it!

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