Cute yellow watering can

drawing of cute watering canThis cute yellow watering can I purchased last week. It is totally useless because it hold too little water but I liked it and to be honest I will probably get Jerry to punch a few holes in the base and I will put a plant in it or some bulbs and sit it on the front step in Spring. No doubt it will weather and the paint will flake but it will still look interesting then too. But before it ages I decided to draw it. I added one of my gardening gloves. I think I will draw both of them as it presented an interesting shape and the leather texture was a bit of challenge.

Once again this was done in Strathmore mixed media sketchbook using artist pitt pens and watercolour paint.This is also #301 on the  EDM challenge list as it reads Draw something cute. That is what it is …

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8 Responses to Cute yellow watering can

  1. Andy Lloyd Williams says:

    Great yellow watering can! Small Tete a Tete daffodils would look marvellous in it.

  2. Very cute! You could do it later when it’s weathered too. ‘The Tale of the little Yellow Watering can’

  3. Marianne Squire Maszer says:

    Adorable depiction!

  4. Chris says:

    Or both pansies and daffodils – that way you will have flowers for most of the year. And it is very cute, as is the drawing. Actually I like little watering cans, as water is so heavy I can’t lift a big watering can full. So I run between the tap and the pots ….

  5. Love the watering can…I use mine for informal vases.
    Finally got my Pitts pens and am playing with them plus my Intense pencils.

    • sharonb says:

      Maureen Great to hear you have gone shopping – have fun with them. The Inktense pencils will also work on fabric

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