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AJW challenge day 6 seedpods

drawing of seedpods

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8 Responses to AJW challenge day 6 seedpods

  1. They look like HAKEA nuts to me! When the nut splits, generally two “winged” seeds fall from the pod . Sometimes it takes a bushfire to open the nuts to release the seeds for germination

  2. Laura says:

    I love these pods! I’m also fond of drawing different seeds and pods that have woody textures, holes, or spines. Your wash background is perfect!

  3. Barbara M says:

    What curious-looking seed pods, I bet they were fun to draw!
    Barbara M

    • sharonb says:

      Thanks Barbara I want to do something more with these as they are such interesting shapes – but after the 31 day challenge I htink

  4. Andy Lloyd Williams says:

    What fascinating seed pods! I love the way you have left the white square behind them. It really focuses the eye.

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