Everyday Matters Drawing Challenge 324

I have another Everyday Matters drawing challenge sketch to share with folks. This time the drawing is done in PITT pens. As usual if you click on the image it takes you to a larger view.

Everyday Matters Drawing Challenge 324Of course it is Autumn in Australia and I have been out in the Garden cutting back summer growth and tidying up a little.

At the end of the day I thought now what am I going to draw? I always feel stuck thinking of something as my eyes glaze over when looking at the hum drum stuff of life. I am sure everyone is the same. But I tell myself drawing from life is, just that, drawing from life! Everyday means Everyday items are OK.

Anyway before I embark on a long ramble I saw my secateurs there and I thought – well that is what I have been using today so that is what I am drawing. Since EDM challenge #324 states “Draw a Garden tool” the image fits perfectly but more importantly I think it is worth while noticing the mundane and celebrating a little of our day to day lives. So this drawing was a good way to remind myself of that philosophy!

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