Everyday Matters drawing challenge number 325

The Everyday Matters drawing challenge # 325 states simply to “Draw something blue”. We took the decorations off our tree yesterday and I decided to draw the blue tin rocking horse.

Every Day Matters challenge drawing 325Then I decided to continue in this vein and draw the tree and little silhouette basket all blue!

Every Day Matters challenge drawingYou can see the decorations here.

I was asked for more details about my sketch book. It is a Canson 96gsm 80 sheet A4 sketch book which is hard bound with a black cover. The paper inside is cartridge which is meant to be used with dry media but I often use watercolour on it.  I have found usually the Canson range stands up to the way I use them  but then I don’t have great puddles of water on the paper either.  These drawings are directly on the paper but I am also one of those people that uses quite a bit of gesso.

For me I use Canson because it does the job because it opens flat, the paper is reasonable and and is available  Our local art store is Eckersley’s, part of a large chain here in Australia and I am always torn about supporting our local stores or buying online. This is a problem as my local store does not stock many brands. I have checked their online site and it is the same Australia wide. The range of choice is simply not there. Canson sketchbooks are made in France and has always been perfectly serviceable for me but everyone likes a change sometimes. I have even bound my own sketchbooks at times which is fun as I can mix papers in them or print on paper and then bind them together but time is an issue too!

Anyway back to the drawing, it was not until after I had done them I realised I should have used masking fluid and produced a much more polished piece. I was concentrating on the idea of silhouettes so much I simply forgot I had some!

With the decorations down and tucked away it always makes me feel like it is time to get on with the new year. We still have a few weeks of summer holidays here in Australia but I can feel myself getting mentally ready for the coming year.

Click the image and you see a larger version. If you are interested here is  the EDM challenge list  and if you scroll you can see my past efforts. The Every Day Matters drawing challenge has  a yahoo group, a flickr group and Facebook page.

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