Liz Steel’s Sketching Now Class exercise – a garment

drawing of a jacketI knew when I chose this garment it would be a challenge. It is an asymmetrical garment with many sections cut on the cross, which means it hangs badly on the hanger, but looks good when worn. Also with each piece is cut of a different fabric, so it has different sleeves but the whole garment is in shades of black or very dark grey. Some pieces have a stripe. I was hesitant at first as I knew representing this jacket would take concentration and focus. I added a few  the disk and square paper shapes as a little collaged element on the page. I am itching to experiment a bit more with page spreads and layout but feel I want to establish the drawing habit first before heading off on to various tangents.

I am currently doing Liz Steels class Sketching Now. The course is very good, dealing with a key concept each week. This is my homework for the week. I am trying to clear the decks a bit, as I have taken on a challenge that starts Friday. I am likely to fall flat on my face with this one – it’s a case of biting off more than I can chew and chewing like mad!  I will write about it on Friday but for the moment I  am racing around freeing up as much time as I can as I think I will need it!

This drawing is also #22 on  the EDM challenge list  which reads: Draw a piece of clothing. The Every Day Matters group also has a  Facebook page where people share what they have done.

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