It’s a long road ahead

In between the chaos of packing clothes, art gear, food, camping stuffs, checking if things work, replacing things that don’t…. And all that pre trip activity, I have been playing at school projects. Just like my school projects when I was a child they are a bit dodgy but they do get the information across.

We are going to drive across Australia and since announcing our trip plans over on I have had a few emails indicating that many people outside Australia don’t really have a sense of how big the place is. So I went looking for maps of Australia overlapping USA and Europe. I tried to find one that was open source so I was legally able to share it. But I could not find one so I decided to start my travel journal and sketch out a pair.

Map of Australia overlapping USA

The first image is a map of Australia that overlaps USA. The red line is the route we will take across the country, starting in Canberra and driving to Fremantle just south of Perth.

Map of Australia overlapping Europe

Here is a map of Australia overlapping Europe. As readers can see this little tootle down the road is actually quite a road trip.

If you want to confirm my maps just google “map of Australia overlapping USA” or “Map of Australia overlapping Europe”.

Anyway as we travel I plan to keep in touch here, perhaps share some sketches from my travel journal, photos and stuff. I am going to try a few different things in my travel journal – so it should be fun and perhaps it might spark a few ideas for your next travel journal too.

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17 Responses to It’s a long road ahead

  1. Really looking forward to sharing your travels with you. =)

  2. Christine says:

    How exciting!
    I have set myself a project to learn some of the places of Australia and so far use ‘PACS’ to give me an idea …..guess you’re doing SCAP!
    Look forward to your postings as always.

  3. Jules says:

    Love your maps! I’m excited to see and read about your travels and looking forward to your sketches and Jerry’s photos . Have a wonderful trip. I am really looking forward to seeing you in August!

  4. Margaret Roberts says:

    Hi Sharon, I hope you will keep me in the loop of your travels by email if that is possible. If not let me know where I can find your travel details. Have a great time and best wishes to Gerry too.

    • sharonb says:

      Margaret if you ‘follow’ Tones and tints you will get each update by email.Ifon your tablet scroll to the bottom and there is the follow button

  5. Ash Zee says:

    Thanks for sharing the maps and explaining further about your great venture Sharon! is going to be a terrific experience for both of you. Cant wait to see your pictures and notes here.
    Hope by now, you have checked and packed everything and ready to leave!!May the Lord’s blessings be with you all throughout!! Ash*

  6. Jude Ebsworth says:

    How exciting your next six months will be. Last week we travelled from the north to the south. Next week we drive back north. I love seeing the country, so vast and awe inspiring. I never become bored no matter how many times I drive the trip – always different colours, cold or hot, wet or dry!

  7. Rachel says:

    Especially in Europe, we don’t really “get” how big Australia is. That’s a great demonstration!

    • sharonb says:

      Thanks Rachel – I hoped it would help people understand – I think this trip I will share a lot more of the Australia I see.

  8. Have driven the opposite way right around twice now and it is a loooooong way. You will enjoy it though there is so much to see in this vast and wonderful country. Enjoy!

  9. Trisha Mc says:

    Hi Sharon, the maps are a great idea. Hope it is a fantastic trip for you.

  10. Marysia says:

    Sounds wonderful. Looking forward to drawings and photos. Are you wild camping?How long is the trip in total.? I really like Fremantle. What an exciting time ahead

  11. Andy Lloyd Williams says:

    Seeing the comparison of the maps is mind boggling. Thank you for that, so looking forward to receiving progress news.

  12. wilma says:

    Have a wonderful trip Sharon, I am looking forward to your sketches!

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