More Drawing in the British Museum

I have 2 page spreads of my travel journal to share as I did some more drawings at the British Museum.  Jerry wanted to see the London to Brighton veteran car rally and I didn’t. So he hired a car and followed the rally while I toddled off to the museum to draw. We both had blissful days. No doubt he will share some (not so boring) photos of cars soon.

Egyptian sculpture in the British MuseumClick on the image to see a larger version.

This statue with the head of a lioness is Sekhmet, who is an ancient Egyptian goddess associated with destruction. Her name means ‘she who is powerful’. It comes from Thebes and is dated around 1350 BC, making it over 3,000 years old. You can read more about the sculpture on the British Museum website

Here is the page spread in my travel journal.

Egyptian sculpture in the British Museum in travel journal

The next drawing was done the following day in Room 1 which contains an exhibition about the Age of Enlightenment a time where collections, classification and observation of the world enabled people to understand the world in new ways. In one of the cabinets a small figure attracted me.  It was a few inches high and described as a figurine.

Egyptian sculpture in the British MuseumClick on the image to see a larger version.

Egyptian sculpture in the British Museum in travel journalOn this page spread of my travel journal I have edged the pages with strips of a map. It was a free map of the bus routes and I simple cut it up and glued it to the pages. I also had a postage stamp left over after writing postcards – so I added it to the page.

These drawings also fill the EDM drawing challenge 38 “Draw at a Museum”

For more information about this drawing challenge look under the tab at the top of the screen titled EDM Drawing Challenge. The  challenge also has  a yahoo group, a flickr group and Facebook page.

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8 Responses to More Drawing in the British Museum

  1. Shirley says:

    Really enjoyed seeing your drawings – and the layout of your pages in your travel sketchbook. I think you definitely got the best two days when compared to your husband!


  2. Jules says:

    Great sketches Sharon! Reminds me of a school trip to the BM aged 11 to see the Tutankhamen Exhibition! (Hope this e-mail lets me post this time!)

    • sharonb says:

      Yes I got the comment perhaps its the fact that I moderate the comments that you are getting the impression comments are blocked for you. I don’t allow anything to be published until I read it – it stops spammers and I do read every comment on both blogs.

  3. Juno says:

    Great drawings. I agree with Shirley about the choice of activity for the day. Glad to hear that you are safe home too.

  4. Maureen Bond says:

    I have never seen the lion headed Sekhmet before. I have enjoyed seeing your wonderful sketches and Jerry’s great photos and hearing about the travels. I will miss them, now you are home again.

    There are probably more like me who will never see these places in person, so your sharing has been a wonderful experience.
    I also enjoyed the light-hearted approach to what occurred at times.

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