New sketchers group in Canberra

I woke this morning with a little voice that whispered “Will anyone turn up?” I felt like a big kid as this week I have been taping away on the key board emailing folks and posting to facebook with the news that a new sketch group was forming in Canberra.

The time was set at 10.30 with people to meet at the cafe outside the National Gallery. I need not have worried as 9 brave souls gathered with sketchbooks in hand, with 2 people going the extra mile literally as they travelled from Goulburn.

sketchbooks and meet up I really liked the share and not compare attitude that everyone embraced. We had a lovely day and decided that we would make this a regular event meeting the first Sunday of the Month and that we would embark upon the formal process of becoming an Urban Sketchers group.

Flugelman sculpture sketchI chose to tackle the Bert Flugelman sculpture “Cones” The contrast between the shiny stainless steel and the greenery around it was interesting and a challenge! If you are interested in finding out more about this sculpture The NGA provides a short video on their website.

All in all a great day!

Added later: For another viewpoint of the event and much better photos of everyone see Leonie Andrews blog post “This could be the start of something big

If you are a Canberra resident and interested in the next meeting email me and I will make sure you are in the loop.

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15 Responses to New sketchers group in Canberra

  1. Anneliese says:

    I wish you good luck and much success with the new group forming just now. The shiny “Cones” are very interesting to see – even more probably in nature – how they are standing on just a very tiny point.

  2. Teddi says:

    Wonderful get together! Love your sketch!

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  4. Leonie says:

    Can’t wait for the next event. Looking forward to catching up with more keen sketchers next time!

  5. Oh well done Sharon – Canberra Urban Sketchers is Go! That’s brilliant. You had much more success than me, there are just two of us in Bristol – but it’s a start!

  6. Chris says:

    Bah humbug. We should have done this 20 years ago.

    I will send the details to a friend who may be interested. She was/is a guide at the Gallery (at the same time I was) and we also did a fair amount of painting together.

  7. SandyB says:

    Wow I wish I had checked this blog more carefully. The NGA is one of my favourite places – coffee and scenery and art.
    Love everyone’s sketches.

    • sharonb says:

      HI Sandy I am sending you an email with details about the group but our next meeting will be Sunday March 1st at 10:30 at the cafe outside the entrance of the National Gallery

  8. Hong (Henry) says:

    Hi Sharon,

    I was introduced by Jennifer of Sydney Sketcher Group. And wondering if I could join your event in Canberra.



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