One for the “interesting experiment” pile

A sketch of JewellryThis sketch I think goes into the “interesting experiment” pile. Apart from sketching some ear rings and a ring, what was I trying to do?  I have been thinking about the the back grounds and layout of the page spread.  I am not sure if this works. I was wanting to not use shadows to give a sense of depth but to create a sense of space with some sort of framing device. One one hand I quite like the abstract lines as they are simple and create an interesting page but I think it would have been better if the objects had shadows.  I am not sure how I feel about it hence the “interesting experiment”. I would love to hear what people think and it’s OK to say interesting but you have done better!

This sketch was prompted by #8 on the  EDM challenge list it reads: Draw your watch or other piece of jewellery. This is also a prompt for another facebook group called A sketch a Day which for day 5 suggests we draw something that starts with the letter J. I am using a Strathmore mixed media sketchbook which is 5.5 in x 8.5 in (14 x 21.6 cm). This sketch is done using artist pitt pens and watercolour paint.

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8 Responses to One for the “interesting experiment” pile

  1. Odarka says:

    Your jewellery is so well done. I think the abstract lines will feel different to everyone. They feel… Can’T pick out the exact words but … Anxiety or strife is how I see the lines, totally opposite to the lovely jewellery. I don’t know how others will see it. Should be interesting.

    • sharonb says:

      Odarka what you say is interesting and proves one of those design theories about diagonal lines – you pick up on the lines because they are not square and are on an angle – if they had been set on a definite vertical and horizontal they would have felt solid and ‘safe’ a diagonal always has more energy. It might be what I sense too!

  2. Beth in IL says:

    Just a thought: is it the rule of 3 that is missing? Maybe that it looks like 2 objects-ring and earings- and it needs a third?

    • sharonb says:

      Beth yes could be -its really interesting how people are seeing this and coming at it- there are 3 things – ie 2 earings and a ring – I think they could have been positioned better – I am going to blame the middle of the book again.

  3. Chris says:

    I agree with you in that the items could have been positioned better, but I also think the lines are too heavy against the lightness of the jewellery. Maybe if they were thinner they wouldn’t dominate so much. Another thing I have noticed in a lot of your drawing is that you tend to spread your items out across the page. Have you ever thought about putting them closer together, even touching or overlapping, to produce a relationship between them? (That is not a criticism, just a question 🙂

    • sharonb says:

      Hi Chris – very good point because describing the negative space is very important and as a result I went scurrying back through my posts and to a certain degree you are right. I think however it is drawing across the pages that throws me and years of thinking in terms of page layout so that there was room for text etc.You will be pleased to know that tomorrows drawing ( just finished as I write this) and done before I read this does involve some overlap.

  4. This is a very interesting one. The intersection of the lines bottom left was what initially drew my eye. I wonder if working across the spread is subconsciously affecting your process now? They could be 2 separate pictures – where the soft background colours have changed position and strength. Lovely background, btw, did you use salt? The top centre section is gorgeous. Thanks for posting this one, because it helps me think more about what I ultimately want to try and achieve.

    • sharonb says:

      Yes Jules the bottom left is a very strong intersection when I saw it I strengthened it by adding a blue line to one side of it – I was interested in how it dragged the eye there. The centre fold is something that effects me – I know that as I always see this division – I will have to either get over it or work in a larger book. I will finish this book then shift to larger book and see what happens. I did not use salt – just lots of sploshing!

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