Mystery how a photograph fell through a rift in time

I am very concerned as it appears that via some sort of strange rift in the fabric of time a desperate struggling artist used one of Tadao Cern photographs as a source image for his ‘self Portrait’. I believe the artist’s name is Vincent … It is a strange story indeed …

Revealing The Truth from Tadao Cern on Vimeo.

Tadao Cern is the Lithuanian architect and photographer who produced this clever piece and the curious thing is that he had another strange encounter with a woman called Mona Lisa.

Every Day Matters Drawing Challenge

Every Day Matters Challenge  1 The Everyday Matters drawing challenge was first run by Artist and Author Danny Gregory.

Too many years of image making using digital tools have left my hand and eye skills very rusty so I decided to embark upon the Every Day Matters Drawing challenge. I plan to draw at least 250 of the prompts which I have listed on the EDM drawing challenge page. I plan to strike through each item as I draw it. I dont plan to work the list in order, but to choose what attracts me at the moment and aim to draw as frequently as possible.

The group has a yahoo group, a flickr group and Facebook page. Unfortunately the EDM Superblog stopped in 2010 but there are still lots of interesting stuff in the archives.

Anyway here is the first prompt off the list #1 Draw a shoe.


Sharing Few Journal Page Spreads

journals on the tableI thought today I would share a few Journal page spreads. When I first open up a new sketchbook  I often do these small mixed media collage pieces. Although I love the fresh new paper and the anticipation of a new sketchbook it always feel just a little bit alien as I have yet to use it. As I use a book, as it acquires a history it becomes a  comfortable space to experiment in. Usually until I am part the way into  a sketchbook I don’t really feel at ease with it. So  most of these pages are an attempt to personalise something that feels to new.

My notebooks are a mix of sketchbooks purchased at art supply stores, usually hard bound. Other notebooks I have put together myself a mix of papers and had them spiral wire bound at the local print shop. Some I have hand bound myself. Other sketchbooks are Moleskines but I stopped using them after I felt the quality dropped a few years ago when they started to bind them in China.

I use both A4 and A5 sized sketchbooks depending upon my mood. I also write in them a as you would a regular journal but instead of looking inwards which I find a bit boring, I like to treat my journal more like a note book and record such things as what I encounter in my day, news of the day, books I read, wildlife seen on my morning walk, developments in technology etc . Recently after many years using digital media to create imagery I have returned to simple pencil and paper. I am currently trying to get past being very rusty with my drawing skills.

Immersion represents email networks

email sentImmersion is an interesting website developed by the MIT Media Lab

What does Immersion do?

Immersion takes your entire Gmail history and converts it into a visual network. When you log in, Immersion uses the From, To, Cc and Timestamp fields of your email. It does not access the subject or the content of email. From this data Immersion generates a network analysis graphic

This snapshot below is generated from email I have written since 2004 which was when I started to use Gmail. To my amazment I have sent 91,015 emails in that time. Remember this is the email I have written, not spam.

The graphs produced confirmed something I have often complained about. For the last 2 years I have felt that email was consuming more and more of my time and this data backed it up!

If you don’t mind, Immersion accessing your Gmail account it is fun and interesting. I have used Gmail since 2004 which means that in those archives sits a type of personal history. Immersion presents users with different perspectives of their data and made me realise how email is now an important part of my past, or I should say our past as what is represented is not an individuals personal data alone, but as this data sits in wider network of communications.

email network screen