Paulus Berensohn’s handmade journals

I want to share a video from Soul’s Kitchen about Paulus Berensohn who hand makes his journals and then offers some advice on filling them.

Soul’s Kitchen from TOTM Film on Vimeo.

I really appreciated his attitude as Paulus Berensohn refers to his journals not so much as a diary but “as portable studio – a place where you can hang out” As the camera looks over his shoulder I like what I see of his journals, because I sense they are real. He fills his pages spreads with writing, photos, newspaper cuttings, and drawings and anything that feeds his creativity. Paulus Berensohn has been keeping a journal since he was a young man, his journals obviously hold great meaning for him.

In sharing this video I dug around to discover a second on Youtube where Paulus Berensohn talks about “Why we create”. It is only a couple of minutes long but I love his conclusion.

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