Sketching at the Tuileries

Yesterday we went for  a stroll around the Tuileries gardens before visiting the Musée de L’Orangerie. After admiring the wonderful carousel we spotted a goat! Yes a goat. I think this is an organic way to keep the grass down.

So, people are not allowed on the grass but goats are.

sketch of Tuileries garden urnAnyway as I walked on I saw this urn with goats on the side and decided I just had to draw it. It was a race against time as the sky was darkening. I did want to get the tree behind the urn so I could set it in context but rain prevented it.

This took me about an hour to draw. I find when choosing a subject I am still selecting details to draw because of time. I would have loved to draw more of the gardens but told myself that  my drawings are not the only way we will remember our trip as Jerry would have taken at least 2,500 photos already and he culls and edits out the duds as he travels.

For instance this is his record of the day

Sketching in the Tuileries Gardens

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