2016 Sydney Urban Sketchers sketch meet

Over the ANZAC weekend I attended the Urban Sketchers weekend sketchmeet held in Sydney.  So as is in the Urban sketchers tradition I am sharing some of sketches.

People came from all over Australia meeting chatting and learning from each other. I learnt a lot as I watched people who are far more proficient than I am at capturing the location they are in. As I review the experience of the weekend, I am also reviewing my sketching goals and habits.It is one of the advantages of attending such events as you get to ask yourself a whole lot of questions and dig over time at the answers.

This weekend I was trying out different paper in a different format (a Stillman and Brin Mixed media Alpha series landscape format sketch book) using different media, and of course there was the stimulation of sketching in a different city with people who were fast becoming sketching buddies.

customs house from 2016 USK Sydney sketch meet upThe front of the Customs house worked quickly in pencil.

Cockatoo island 2016 USK Sydney sketch meet upSaturday we went to the world heritage listed site of Cockatoo Island. It was wet most of the day but everyone got into the spirit of things and hung in there, sketched and enjoyed themselves regardless of the elements. This is worked in water colour – in drizzled rain which added a bit more ’texture’to the piece!

Barracks 2016 USK Sydney sketch meet upSunday the group met at the Hyde Park Barracks designed by convict architect Francis Greenway. This I used a sepia ink, raw siena and raw umber water colour paints and some watercolor pencils in tones that matched.

It was a wonderful event to bringing together sketchers from all over Australia. A big thank you to everyone who was involved in the organisation Chris Haldane, Chantal Vincent, the team leaders and everyone who helped with the event as it ran like clockwork, was warm and friendly and definitely a wonderful experience for everyone.


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3 Responses to 2016 Sydney Urban Sketchers sketch meet

  1. Chantal says:

    Lovely sketches from the weekend Sharon. Nice to meet you in person too! Hope we get a chance to sketch in Canberra!

  2. Sounds like a brilliant time – and great sketches. I especially like the last one of the barracks, and those sepia tones.

  3. Gee you are good. Wish I could sketch like that

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