A visit to the DMZ

Whilst in Seoul we decided to pay a visit to the Demilitarised Zone or DMZ.
We are not tour type folks but the only way you can visit the DMZ is via a bus tour because lets face it, the place is technically still a war zone. Having to take a tour meant we had to travel at the rate established by the group.

travel journal sketchSo I could only draw something simple which I have shared with this page spread. The photo was taken before I wrote in my journal about the day. One of the souvenirs tourists could purchase was a section of barb wire that had been used! Each piece had a serial number and was authenticated.

DMZ prayer ribbons KoreaAt Paju there is a bullet ridden steam train which is going nowhere as the bridge it crosses has been blown up. Beside the train people tie ribbons to represent wishes/prayers for peace and unification.

DMZ Merry-go-roundThere is fun park area that contains the quirkiest merry-go-round I have seen as is is composed of cute stylised rickshaws.

DMZ Merry-go-roundIt was very surreal to walk from a barbwire defined guarded border to  play ground!

The actual tour is interesting as in may ways as the war and living as divided country has shaped the national psyche.

More photos taken in Korea coming soon from Jerry.