Up early drawing breakfast

sketch of toastI am up bright and early as it is a long weekend and we are busy! We hope to go out, Jerry with his camera and me with sketchbook but the garden needs a bit of work, we are seeing some friends and there is the usual  weekend fruit and vegetable market to go to. So today it is my breakfast that got sketched. I eat multi grain bread you know the sort, it’s healthy and when you look at it if looks full of bird seeds that get stuck in your teeth.

This sketch was done in Strathmore mixed media sketchbook but this time I used a dip pen, some sepia ink and watercolour paint. As usual click on the image to see a larger version.

Some rambling thoughts on the size of the sketchbook I am using:

I am rethinking the size of my next journal. This journal is 5.5 x 8.5 (approximately A5) and for many of these drawings I have to draw across the centre fold and I don’t really like it. Many sketchers do it and it means you can carry a smaller sketchbook with you when you venture outside to draw. This particular size fits in a hand bag easily so it can be carried everywhere. I had thought that if I used this size and sketched across the page spread for a month or so I would get over it. I think when this sketchbook is full I will go back to the way I used to do use A5 journals, which is to draw on one side of the page and write on another.

Over the weekend I will take with me a larger sketchbook. I always feel that a A4 ( 8 x 11 inches) sketchbook can look a bit pretentious but I am going to give it a go and see if my drawing on location sketches can be improved. I was trained to draw from the shoulder standing at a easel so small sketchbooks that force me to draw from the wrist make me feel tight and cramped. What happens is, I go to draw the line of a bridge or something in a good strong line and then I hit the centre of the book have to lift my pen and continue the line. To be honest it drives me mad! I am always thinking about it.

I have decided that I gave it a good honest try, not once or twice but for a block of time and drawing across a double page spread regularly is not me. Perhaps I will come back to it occasionally and see if I feel differently, but I think it is going to be one of my quirky traits.  So this weekend when out and about I am going to test using a larger A4 (8 x 11 inches) size sketchbook as I have been doing Liz Steel’s Sketching now course and the last few lessons involve sketching outside. I usually use one sketchbook at a time as I like things in chronological order (another topic I will no doubt natter on about some day) so I will see how I go.

Oh I do chatter over my breakfast…I would love to know how others choose the size of their sketchbook as little things like this can stall and annoy someone and I will not improve without practice. Leave a comment as I am curious…Ok I will be off and get on with my day.

This sketch was prompted by #295 on the  EDM challenge list it reads: Draw some toast. This is also a prompt for another facebook group called A sketch a Day which for day 18 suggests we draw something that starts with the letter T.

Cute yellow watering can

drawing of cute watering canThis cute yellow watering can I purchased last week. It is totally useless because it hold too little water but I liked it and to be honest I will probably get Jerry to punch a few holes in the base and I will put a plant in it or some bulbs and sit it on the front step in Spring. No doubt it will weather and the paint will flake but it will still look interesting then too. But before it ages I decided to draw it. I added one of my gardening gloves. I think I will draw both of them as it presented an interesting shape and the leather texture was a bit of challenge.

Once again this was done in Strathmore mixed media sketchbook using artist pitt pens and watercolour paint.This is also #301 on the  EDM challenge list as it reads Draw something cute. That is what it is …

5 days art challenge day 5

drawing of cookiesWell I do admit to feeling like this 5 days art challenge has caused me to be running a bit! So today I have returned to a food theme. I did not realise how much of our life revolves around food! The getting of it, the preparing it, the eating of it and the cleaning up! The first is a treat yes cookies. The EDM challenge   prompt #202 reads “Draw a cookie” and I thought it went well with Day 20 of the  AJW Sketchbook challenge  to draw something made with chocolate.

sketch of lemonsNext drawing is also from the EDM challenge  as prompt #154 reads, Draw a lemon.

Pineapple drawingMy last sketch of the day (and last sketch in the 5 days art challenge) is a pineapple.  They have quite complex patterning on their skin and I always enjoy drawing them apart from the fact they are one of my favourite foods too ! So  EDM challenge  as prompt #146 reads, Draw a favourite food.

I have done the 5 days art challenge meme on Facebook. I posted 3 sketches a day for 5 days running and had a ball doing it so thanks to  Jules Woolford of Needle and Pen for nominating me.

5 days art challenge day 4

EDM 196  drawing of rope trapezeI think for today I have come up with something different. I decided That my daughters trapeze was an ideal object to draw for the EDM challenge   prompt #196 “Draw some rope”. Well… there is quite a bit of rope in a trapeze so it took a little while. As my regular readers might remember my daughter Eve, works in a circus. She is currently touring in New Zealand with Circus Aotearoa. This is an old Trapeze she left in storage here.

drawing of ballet slippersPeople always say how “lucky” she is to be a circus performer but what they don’t realise is how many hours of training she does. To be able to hang from a trapeze you need a lot of upper body strength and keeping fit is not something you can just do every now and then. Eve trains daily and her skill is not just as a acrobat but also she has taken dance classes too. These ballet slippers always remind me of the discipline she has imposed on herself. Not for month or two but for well over a decade.  I think when people watch any sort of physical performer they forget the training and time it takes to make something look light and graceful. These ballet slippers fit  the EDM challenge   prompt #312 “Draw something light”  This drawing also fits in Day 8 of the Sketch a Day challenge which is to sketch footwear

drawing of teapotFinally before I became too boring with proud Mum moments  I decided to draw Eve’s black and white spotty teapot which meets the criteria for day 16  of the  AJW Sketchbook challenge  which is shared in the Artist Journal Workshop Facebook group The challenge was to draw something black and white. Also the EDM challenge   prompt #290 reads “Draw a teapot” so it fits that too!

So all of these items are themed around one person – my daughter Eve. It has been fun drawing them, particularly since the Strathmore sketchbook I am drawing in she gave me for Christmas.

I am doing the Facebook  5 days art challenge meme. I am posting 3 sketches a day for 5 days running. I was nominated by Jules Woolford of Needle and Pen