5 days art challenge day 3

Drawing of toolsHere I am waving happily with my 3 sketches. I ventured out into the depths of Jerry’s shed which is not so organised chaos. Anyway I decided to raid some tools and draw them. I am beginning to feel as if my self imposed  “overload January” is starting to pay off because it is not taking so long to produce something! I think I have learnt to knuckle down and get on with it rather than faffing about.

All of these were done in a a Mixed media Strathmore sketchbook with watercolours, and pitt pens.

Drawing of toolsThe G clamps I actually use in book binding. After sewing the signatures and glueing the spine, using the G clamps,  I clamp the book block between two planks of wood that are about the size of bread board. I let the glue dry for about 24 hours before binding on the covers. I do not have a real book press but this technique works fine. Also I press it again once I have made the covers. The small hammer is actually mine. Since it is so small and ideal for all sorts of craft related activities.

Drawing of Hand DrillThe last is hand drill which is quite old. The simple mechanical nature of it is very appealing and it reminds me of Dad as I can remember him using one just like it so I think this fits with EDM  prompt #20  Draw something “Dad”. The other two drawings are for prompt  #273 on  the EDM challenge list  which simply states Tools.

I was nominated for the 5 days Art Challenge by Jules Woolford of Needle and Pen

Everyday matters Drawing challenge #133

sketch of a peachI felt I could not let summer pass without drawing some our wonderful stone fruits. I love peaches and I think it shows.

This little drawing exercise is rendered in watercolour paints, Faber Castell artist pitt pen, and my Lamy pen which is loaded with De Atramentis Permanent Ink. This ink is suitable for fountain pens yet waterproof. It is bit of find as many waterproof inks and Indian ink will block and often destroy a fountain pen.  I am currently using a Strathmore  mixed media sketchbook. I created the flesh of the peach texture by dabbing a bit of tissue on it while the paint was wet

Fortunately this is also a drawing prompt on the Every Day matters list as #133 reads draw a peach!  I also found another facebook group called A sketch a Day which has a daily prompt. Day 2 is of a piece of fruit so if I want to play catch up this fits the bill too.  I have joined the group but I am not sure I will catch up and then keep up as I am already bounding around a couple of challenges. I have to admit to using them for very selfish purposes which if you have not guessed my personal goal is to draw from life regularly. I am trying to establish the habit and stay in the routine.

Also for those who are not on Facebook much – the facebook groups are great. Blogs are still my thing but to reach out to people who have similar interests and share with them what you are doing groups are great. Just about everything else on Facebook bores me silly but the groups are fun.


Something noisy this way comes…

Jerry (my dear hubby) is currently building a violin. As you can see it is still in pieces but looking very violin like.

Violin parts and luthier planes on tableWhat I wanted to share was these cute little luthiers planes which are used on the front and back of the violin to shave it into shape. The top is important at about an eighth of an inch thick. It is shaved until it reaches a particular tone or quality of sound when tapped. It is a case of hand and ear co-ordination rather than what I needed to draw it which was hand and eye coordination.

Violin parts and luthier toolsThis is the completed journal sketch. I used watercolour paints, and pitt pens in a Strathmore mixed media journal.Click the image and you see a larger version.

luthiers tool in handThis photo of a luthiers plane will give readers a sense of scale.

I jumped ahead to Day 21 of the AJW Sketchbook challenge. The prompt simply reads – tools. If I waited around till then the violin would be made and tools back in their special box. But I might get side tracked and draw more of this process if Jerry will let me in shed and to steal parts as he works.

This is also part 147 of the Every Day Matters challenge which reads Draw or Paint something made of wood. I guess I have adapted that as well to Draw something being made of wood. Here is the Every Day Matters challenge list if you visit that page scroll to see the rest of my efforts in this challenge.

Drawing Prompt – the last gift you received

drawing of charcoal pencilsI knew once I started bounding around the 31 Days in January  AJW Sketchbook challenge is run by Palma of A Creative Journey  I would be jumping about for the rest of the month. This grasshopper like activity  is because I am trying to draw these things from life rather than work from photos as my goal this year is to get into the routine of drawing regularly. It is only with constant practice that I will improve so I am pushing myself to try and draw daily. Anyway this is the prompt for day 12 which reads “the last gift you received”.

For Christmas I was given a box of Derwent Charcoal pencils and I had time to test them a little. In this drawing I used watercolour paints, Charcoal pencils and pitt pens in a Strathmore mixed media journal. The disks are swatch tests of each colour. I also used a fixative on the page because of course charcoal smudges. I like smudgy drawing media as you can push it about a bit but it does need to be fixed. As usual click on the image to see a larger version of the photograph.

This is also EDM drawing challenge 97 Draw a present you have received