Tardis is on Google Maps!

image of blue telephone boxI have been totally delighted to discover this meme about Google’s Maps latest easter egg

Investigate yourself by going to this map,  notice on the left side of the street there is  a very famous blue telephone box.

Move your cursor around on the screen until you get a pair of double arrows. You can see them in the image to the left.

Click those and bingo you are inside Doctor Who’s Tardis!

That is where I had fun exploring and  took these screenshots. It really is bigger on the inside!

Inside the Tardis
If you venture further inside you can see the controls. That was as far as got as it appeared all other doors were locked.

Inside the Tardis 1

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2 Responses to Tardis is on Google Maps!

  1. Annet says:

    I enjoyed my visit to the Tardis!

  2. I’m wondering if this is in Edinburgh as the twice I’ve been there I’ve noticed some very Tardis like huts!=) We have something just next to the Town Hall here in Sheffield too.

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