The Book of Kells Online

The Book of Kells in its entirety can be viewed online as part of the Trinity College Library’s digital collection. We were lucky enough to see it was exhibited at the National Gallery when it came to Australia, but I have been enjoying quietly browsing it online.

Book of Kells screenshotThe pages are photographed at a very high resolution so you can zoom right in and closely examine the designs. I love the complexity of the patterning. Of course there is the main imagery but I keep noticing the little areas of decoration tucked in corners or in little out of the way area and marvelling at it. I just had to share!

There is also a new iPad app of the Book of Kells for folks with a tablet

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4 Responses to The Book of Kells Online

  1. Juno says:

    Thanks Sharon for this link. I have really enjoyed going through some of the pages. I have also looked at some photos of an illuminated ‘Book of Hours’ and somewhere on the web saw an ATC inspired by one of the pages.

    I am not sure whether it was you or someone else who introduced me to the Coral Reef Crochet Project but I found this on TED and though you might like it.

    Not sure if that is the correct way of attaching a link

    Please let Jerry know that I love the Magpie ‘selfies’ – there is no place to leave a comment on that page.

    Best wishes

    • sharonb says:

      I was aware of the coral reef project but had not seen the TED talk thanks Juno – I have just switched on the comments for the magpie selfies for some reason the comments keep getting turned off on Jerry’s posts!

  2. Barbara Mleynek says:

    Well, I saw the Kells pics, but I still don`t know what the book is ?? a bible ??? is it Christian or otherwise? What year written ?

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