The delicate cut paper work of Maude White

Paper cut by Maude WhiteIf you have an interest in line and negative space you will find the delicate paper cuts of Maude White fascinating. Her beautifully rendered paper cuts rely on negative space and line.

In an interview over on Art Voice, Maude White says

“I have great respect for paper. I trust it. There is something very comforting and safe about cutting into the paper, discovering some story hidden inside.”

I could not help but think that Maude White must also trust in a steady hand, as one slip of the blade and would destroy the piece!

Paper cut by Maude WhiteI was once asked by a student why negative space is important. I wish I could have replied by pointing to Maude White’s exquisite paper cuts as her work demonstrates how negative spaces can be everything!

But  design principals or  technical concerns about paper cutting are not what drives Maude White, for in her artist statement she explains

“When I was a child I thought a great deal about hidden spaces. The intimacy, the hushed secrecy – I was always looking underneath objects, or through them. I have always believed that if you look hard enough, you will see something precious and new, or, perhaps, something incredibly ancient and sacred.

When I cut paper, I feel as if I am peeling back the outer, superficial layer of our vision to reveal the secret space beneath. With paper cutting there are so many opportunities to create negative space that tells its own story.”

Paper cut by Maude WhiteThe concept of revealing something, by what is not there rather rather than what is there made me savour the image and consider that moment of perception. Just wonderful!

For further information and to see more visit Maude White’s website or  Maude White’s Pinterest board  and over on Art Voice there is an interview where she discusses her work

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6 Responses to The delicate cut paper work of Maude White

  1. Anneliese says:

    This link cost me now an hour or so, ha! which I not at all regret to have spent — I am overwhelmed – it is so wonderful to see and so unimaginably delicate. I learned of negative space the first time of you!

  2. Laura says:

    I never realized that this is how I think in terms of design. I’ve always respected the negative space in my lacemaking, but didn’t think of it being the primary aspect of the design. We build up thread work to create the image, but the impact of the negative is often the foreground of the piece. Thanks for sharing this! I’ll be more direct in my approach to those designs!

    • sharonb says:

      Hi Laura – I can see how lace making could/would have an emphasis on negative space. I am pleased it was a useful insight for you

  3. Maureen Bond says:

    A remarkable way of looking at what is around you. The work is so delicate. I’ve checked out more on Maude’s sites. Awesome!
    Thanks for sharing.

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