Urban Sketchers Canberra November meeting

The exciting news this month is that Canberra Sketchers is now an official urban sketching group so we are now called Urban Sketchers Canberra. It is quite wonderful being included in a world wide network of people who love to sketch the world around them and support each other in that endeavour. You can find out more about Urban Sketchers here

Urban Sketchers Canberra november 2015 meetingToday the Urban Sketchers Canberra had our monthly sketching get together at the National Library today. It was a bit wet by mid afternoon but we all had heaps of fun sketching then taking a look at what we all did while chatting about sketching over lunch.

Urban Sketchers Canberra sketchbooksSince we have been meeting as a group I can see people improving their sketches. Groups such as this help people establish a consistent habit. I hope to get back to sketching more soon. I really enjoyed today – even the rain!

sketching at the Urban Sketchers Canberra meetingIf you are interested in Urban Sketchers Canberra feel free to contact me via the contact tab above. People with all levels of skill are welcome to join us and we would be happy to see any interstate or overseas visitors to Canberra. We also have a small but growing Urban Sketchers Canberra facebook group that we use to keep in touch.

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3 Responses to Urban Sketchers Canberra November meeting

  1. Congratulations! We’re trying to fill in the USK forms for affiliation, but finding the questions awkward.

  2. Chris says:

    Congratulations. When I read these blogposts of yours I get quite homesick for Canberra, even after all this time.

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