Video page flip of Travel Journal 3

As I have promised readers, I have a video of page flip of my third travel journal. This is the third travel journal I filled while away for 9 weeks. I hope you enjoy viewing it and listening to my general chatter about keeping a travel journal. At the end of the video I discuss a pouch I carry some of my art gear in.

If you want to see the other videos in the series you will find them I hope folks enjoy it!

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5 Responses to Video page flip of Travel Journal 3

  1. Allie Aller says:

    Definitely enjoyed it, and thank you Sharon! One thing I love is that over the years you will be able to remember every detail of your long journey. That is fantastic…..

  2. michele picard says:

    thank you for sharingthis . I often thought to have one done during my travel ,never I wrote …

  3. I think that, given how popular it is, as well as various other permutations of it, the ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ stuff is quite relevant to the UK bit. BTW, do you know the background of the slogan?

    • sharonb says:

      I thought the keep calm and carry on stuff was appropriate too as I knew the history of the original poster – which when I saw wash tape with it on meant I purchased it – thinking this will do the trick! but when I saw it on everything in the tourists shops – it put me off.

  4. Annet says:

    Again I enjoyed watching your video. I always keep all tickets and maps from a travel and think I’m going to put them in an album afterwards. It must have been very nice to sit down and write every day. Thanks for sharing!

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