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Studio Journals stacked on a tableI often do these small mixed media collage pieces on the first page of a sketchbook. Although I love the feel and smell of fresh new paper and the anticipation of a new visual journal, that very newness feels just a little bit alien.

As I use the notebook, it acquires a history and becomes a  comfortable safe space to experiment in. Usually until I am part way into a sketchbook I don’t  feel at ease with it. So  most of the pages in this gallery are an attempt to personalise something that feels too new.

My notebooks are a mix of sketchbooks purchased at art supply stores, usually hard bound. Other notebooks I have assembled a mix of papers and had them spiral wire bound at the local print shop. Experimenting with book binding has lead to some sketchbooks being hand bound. Others are unlined Moleskines, but I have stopped using them after I felt the quality dropped a few years ago when they started to bind them in China.

I use both A4 and A5 sized sketchbooks depending upon my mood. I also write in them a as you would a regular journal, but instead of looking inwards, which I find a bit boring, I like to treat my journal more like a note book and record such things as what I encounter in my day, news of the day, books I read, wildlife seen on my morning walk, developments in technology etc . Recently after many years using digital media to create imagery I have returned to simple pencil and paper. I am currently trying to get past being very rusty with my drawing skills.

Anyway I hope you enjoy these page spreads

7 Responses to Visual Journals

  1. karen izzi says:

    please addme to your blog mailing list. your work is amazing!!

  2. Faye Carole Post says:

    I am so glad the Pin tangle author shared this site.

  3. Faye says:

    Interesting work.

  4. Ann says:

    Very interesting pages under the Visual Journals link. I am curious about something – did you paint/coat each page with some sort of ground, I.e., gesso. Thanks!

    • sharonb says:

      Hi Ann yes I use Gesso for most of my collage type pages as I like to strengthen the paper a little. I am a bit of a gesso addict

  5. Franca says:

    First time I’ve seen such a complete thoughts expressed in sketchbooks. Love the color and imagery.

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