Everyday Matters Drawing Challenge 208

gargoyle drawingNumber 208 of the Everyday Matters drawing challenge suggests that you draw something out of place. Well this is definitely out of place. I live in Australia and we have very little in the way of grumpy looking Gargoyles as this is a European tradition but I do have a garden ornament that I love. I call him Maurice and he sits by our drive. I think he is grumpy today and hiding in the shade because he is having to endure a heat wave. It is reaching temperatures above the old century so his wings are a bit heavy and he is not pleased.

Anyway that is my story and here is me drawing it! I used Staedtler pigment liners.

drawing a gargoyle

If you are interested here is  the EDM challenge list  and if you scroll you can see my past efforts. The Every Day Matters drawing challenge has  a yahoo group, a flickr group and Facebook page.