How did Vincent Van Gogh work out his colour schemes?

Did you know that Vincent Van Gogh used balls of wool to work out his colour theory? Or that some of the paint pigments he used have faded?

This 8 minute video from the Metropolitan Museum of Art explains some of Vincent Van Gogh’s approach to colour and illustrates how some of his paintings would have looked like when first created.

Take a coffee break as it is worth watching.


Great tip for using watercolour pencils

Strathmore shares some very good videos on youtube. This video is worth watching as it is more than the usual ‘just add water’ advice. Sarah Becktel demonstrates using watercolor pencils and shares some useful techniques and tips.

I particularly liked the idea of creating a paper palette from swatches. Not only would it be handy to carry around when sketching outside but if you used it constantly you would really know how each pencil colour behaved.

Sunday Sketching in Braddon

One of the things about urban sketching that you discover aspects of your home city that you are not aware of. Yesterday the Canberra Sketchers got together in Lonsdale Street, Braddon as there are lots of popup food vans.

USK-may-2015I know for foodies that mobile street vendors are all the rage, but I was not aware that Canberra had such a vibrant street life with vendors offering gourmet and ethnic food treats.

Anyway although parking was difficult to find, the sun was out, people were everywhere, and we all had a lovely time sketching before sampling some of their offerings for lunch!

Leonie has also written a blog post about the Canberra Sketchers in Braddon  too!