Canberra Sketchers

Canberra Sketchers at the War MemorialI have just walked in the door after a wonderfully energising meeting of the Canberra Sketchers who are  an easy going friendly group of people who warmly greeted 5 new faces. This made for for quite a sizeable and animated group. We met at out usual time of 10:30 gathering the foyer and chatting until everyone arrived.

Canberra Sketchers sketchbooksWe then all went our separate ways exploring the War Memorial  and grounds sketchbooks in hand before meeting again at 12:30. It always amazes me how we can all be in the same place but we all see see and sketch so many different things! I am afraid I spent more time talking than sketching

Canberra Sketchers sketchbooks over lunchConversation around the table was animated over lunch. People love seeing what tools others use and today much of the conversation was about various sketching kits members carried. The fine nuances of various bits of gear was discussed, talking about the various pens people were using the various pros and cons of various sized sketchbooks and the nuances of paper textures. Travel brushes and what gear was necessary for all of us –  and so on and so forth. In sharing such information we all learn, but most of all I enjoyed chatting to sketching buddies.

The Canberra Sketchers get together on the first Sunday of the month. If you are interested in finding out where our next get together is dont hesitate to drop me line me via the contact page