At The National Gallery Big Draw

The Big draw is a world wide drawing festival for anyone who loves to draw, including those who think they “can’t draw”, or are “not good enough” or “just a beginner”. In other words it is for everyone and promotes drawing.

The National Gallery of Australia held drawing events today and some of the members of the Canberra Urban Sketchers group decided to go along, join in the activities and have some lunch afterwards.

This year’s Big Draw theme is “Every Drawing Tells A Story”. When I noticed that there was story telling in the Asian galleries I decided to take a look and do some sketching.

Sketch of GaneshaI had a very enjoyable hour or so tackling the task of representing a very complex sculpture. This is a 1000 year old sandstone sculpture of Ganesha . In the Hindu belief system Ganesha is revered as the God who removes obstacles. He is also the patron of arts and sciences and the deva of intellect and wisdom so Ganesha has a pretty large brief!

My sketch was done in a hand bound journal on Canson 180 gsm paper using a 2B and 6B graphite pencil because the Gallery here is totally neurotic about any wet media, so no ink pens allowed. That said it is nice just to keep it simple and work in pencil. The gallery has loosened its rules about taking photos so I thought I would share with you a photo of the statue as it is a highly decorated and complex piece to draw! Click on the image for a larger view

Sculpture of ganesha at the national gallery of Australia I am sure you will agree it is not the easiest of pieces to sketch and I found my concentration span lacking at times and towards the end of sketch my focus was definitely straying but I loved the challenge too! When I felt I had learnt what I could from the process,  I joined the rest of the group for coffee and lunch. Once again it was great fun to get together with a bunch of sketching buddies, share our work, talk about the event and generally chew the fat.

Urban Sketchers Canberra November meeting

The exciting news this month is that Canberra Sketchers is now an official urban sketching group so we are now called Urban Sketchers Canberra. It is quite wonderful being included in a world wide network of people who love to sketch the world around them and support each other in that endeavour. You can find out more about Urban Sketchers here

Urban Sketchers Canberra november 2015 meetingToday the Urban Sketchers Canberra had our monthly sketching get together at the National Library today. It was a bit wet by mid afternoon but we all had heaps of fun sketching then taking a look at what we all did while chatting about sketching over lunch.

Urban Sketchers Canberra sketchbooksSince we have been meeting as a group I can see people improving their sketches. Groups such as this help people establish a consistent habit. I hope to get back to sketching more soon. I really enjoyed today – even the rain!

sketching at the Urban Sketchers Canberra meetingIf you are interested in Urban Sketchers Canberra feel free to contact me via the contact tab above. People with all levels of skill are welcome to join us and we would be happy to see any interstate or overseas visitors to Canberra. We also have a small but growing Urban Sketchers Canberra facebook group that we use to keep in touch.