Sketching at the botanical Gardens

Yesterday was the first Sunday of the month so it was my Urban Sketchers Day! It was a warm one too, at 31. I put on my hat and grabbed a water bottle and headed off to the Botanical Gardens in Canberra. After greeting some new people to the group headed out into the gardens to find something to sketch that was in the shade – or I should say something to sketch that enabled me to remain in the shade while doing it!

sketchingI ended up in Red Center Garden. I know heading for garden of desert plants on hot day does not make sense but that is where I ended up. There is a large sculpture of thorny devil lizard. I decided to give that a try.

thorny devil sketchI took a photo so you could see the scale of the sculpture but these lizards are not really very big about 15 cm or 6 inches long. Also for anyone reading this that has not seen central Australia that red is the colour of the dirt.

thorny devil sketchWhen I was a child I had pet one and loved to watch it change colour. You know the sort of thing – I would put it on my shoulder and it would change one colour then put it on my hat and it would change again. I think it was one of my favourite pets.The only thing you could not do is keep a thorny devil up your sleeve while in school. I am sure all school children keep pets up the sleeve of their jumper or shirt, I was the same. For instance my pet mice went to school with me all the time and lived up my sleeve. They were real wrigglers but fun. But a thorny devil is too prickly for that, and being a lizard in a warm environment he wriggled about too much. You are not allowed to keep them now but this was nearly 50 years ago when things were a little different. If you want to know more about thorny devils you can read about them here and there is a video from National Geographic here.

Urban Sketchers Canberra is growing steadily as we welcomed 4 new people.

Canberra Urban Sketchers group

Everyone was  productive even thought it was so warm.

sketches from the Canberra Urban SketchersAn aspect of Urban sketching that I have noticed is that I see my own home city with new eyes. Locations I had not thought of as sketching opportunities always reveal themselves to be more. I am going to return as the gardens provide all sorts of interesting sketching challenges.

The Canberra Urban Sketchers group meet on the first Sunday of the month and everyone is welcome. You can see what is happening on the groups Facebook page