Watercolor sketch on the roadAs I write I realize this is the 12th time we have done this road trip across Australia but…the last time was 28 years ago. It is an unexpectedly interesting experience sitting in the car hour after hour. Of course our conversation touches on all sorts of topics. Commenting on how this or that is different. Our conversation moves in and out of the trivial stuff of travel, on how much our petrol consumption is, or we hazard a bet on what the coffee in the next small town is likely to be like. Other times as the road stretches out before us our talk turns to  times past and to review some period in our lives while also noticing the wildlife of emus, hawks, kestrels, kangaroos and Pelicans. Rain clouds build on the horizon and wind buffets the car.  Or we act like two old people and complain at other drivers who appear fatigued or lost. We  observe the health of the land, new industries and old industries gone.  In some parts of the country the land looks sicker in other the land looks healthier. Wind and Solar farms are noticeable additions to the view. The miles tick on and conversation wanders …

This sketch is done in watercolor, graphic tint pencils, watercolor pencil, and Pitt pen in a Hahnemühle “Draft and Sketch” book which is made up of 140gsm natural white paper. It is not really made for watercolor and wet media but seems to be handling it OK.

This is my first contribution towards #WorldWatercolorMonth

World Watercolour Month will run during July. The aim is share and inspire people to paint with watercolor or gouache in the process also highlighting the importance of art and creativity. Anyone can join, create something with Watercolour,aquarelles gouache Simply tag any art that uses watercolors (or gouache) with #WorldWatercolorMonth.

Full details are on the official site www.worldwatercolor.com