Colour for drawing challenge 124

EDM challenge drawingWith the arrival of spring here is Australia it seemed appropriate to draw one of the daffodils in my garden and looking down the list I spotted the challenge #124 “Draw something yellow” So here is something yellow worked in water colours.

With all the black and white drawing I have been doing this change may come as a bit of shock but the black and white drawing have been a little self discipline for me.

Let me give you a little of my history. May be even make a cuppa. I trained as a painter 33 years ago. After graduating with a degree in fine arts, I then did postgraduate studies in textiles and then headed into design areas. As the computers hit the industry I became interested in the digital arts, new media and web design. I am still interested in those areas and have always kept a studio journal but sketching out an idea for a design is different from observing something, and drawing it.

Recently I have felt a need to return to drawing. I felt so rusty at drawing I decided to return to some of the methods used by the teachers at the art school where I was taught. A key technique of one my teachers was that for the first year we were not allowed to draw in colour. Can you imagine what would happen if art teachers did that today? In second year we were allowed to use colour but by then we understood tonal values and light as if it was in our bones. I realise this method of teaching drawing actually gave me some skills.

Although drawing in pencil is a good discipline it can also lead to being too tight. Like everything too much of one technique can be unhelpful so I will break that before it starts – so here is a daffodil in colour, a bit wobbly but my drawing for EDM challenge #124.

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7 Responses to Colour for drawing challenge 124

  1. I’d say that you learned your lessons! Lovely piece.

  2. Jules says:

    I like the effect you’ve achieved. Ink and wash is my favourite sketching combination, (I have just bought my first Noodler’s flex nib and I love it! ).

  3. Beth Berman says:

    Fascinating teaching technique. You daf is just beautiful.

  4. Shirley says:

    Really beautiful! I can’t imagine a whole year without color – but probably need the discipline.

  5. cathy holtom says:

    It seemed unusual to see a daffodil at this time of year for us (late summer) but Spring is Spring !and colour cannot be denied. Great sketch!

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