Draw something you can keep in your pocket

I sketched this beetle a while back and forgot to share it. If you look carefully the real beetle is sitting in the fold of my journal.

Xmas-beetlesIn Australia these beetles are called Christmas beetles because they appear in early summer. As children we loved them as they alway arrive just before Christmas. Even though they are scratchy to hold, I often kept a beetle or two in my pocket and held them in my hands hidden under my school desk, daydreaming about the summer come while the teacher droned on in the early summer heat.

Towards the end of summer and the end of summer holidays the beetles start to die. this always was very sad to me. I found this dead beetle one on my morning walk and took it home to draw. As you can see I needed a magnifier to draw it.

I sketched it using artist pitt pens, watercolour paint, and pencil on a page that I covered in clear gesso as the paper was very smooth. It is page from my hand bound journal

This is EDM drawing challenge number 326 which reads Draw something you can keep in your pocket. Here is the full EDM List

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9 Responses to Draw something you can keep in your pocket

  1. Anneliese says:

    I did not see you for a long time. It seems you are back again!
    I missed you! And oh oh the beetle – good sketch – beetles are not my favorites – they appear in renovation houses, ha! And we have to throw them out.

    • sharonb says:

      Hi Anneliese – these beetle stay outside unless of course they get carried inside in a small person’s pocket!

  2. Marg Roberts says:

    Great painting. Thanks for sharing. I could never paint like that even if I “embrace the shake”.

  3. Juno says:

    What a beauty. We have Christmas beetles in South Africa too. They are also considered the bringers of summer and Christmas here

    • sharonb says:

      Hi Juno – Makes sense that they would arrive at the same time of year but I never realised South Africa had the same beetles.

  4. What a brilliant story. I think beetles are beautiful – and fascinating. You have just given me an idea! Great sketch and really like the green background. I must get posting again!

  5. Rita says:

    we call them June bugs for the same reason–they arrive in early summer.

    Thank you for sharing. Such an inspiration.

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