EDM Drawing Challenge # 3

EDM drawing challenge 3  a bagI am really enjoying this new sketchbook and yet I am puzzling over it as for years I have selected sketchbooks where the paper has some tooth as this will take drawing media better. This sketchbook falls more into what I would call the “designer stationery” line as the paper is very smooth. It is made to take a fountain well – which it does. I expected to battle it all the way but I am really enjoying using it. It takes pitt pens well and to be honest is too smooth for watercolour and it definitely will not take a lot of water but if I am careful some nice effects can be achieved.

For those who live in the UK it is a A5 sketchbook I picked up at Rymans. It has no brand or marking on it and may have been a special buy long gone out of production. It has stitched signatures not glued pages. Rymans were in Canberra for a short while and then went out of business. As I said before it was in my notebook stash and must have sat at the back of the cupboard for at least 5 years if not more. The thing is I am looking at smooth paper with a different eye!

EDM drawing challenge 3  view of bagAnyway, EDM Drawing Challenge # 3 reads Draw a Purse Wallet or Bag. This is my current hand bag which I am using because it can act as a hand bag yet hold some drawing materials with ease. I picked it up over easter at the National folk festival this year. So it is still quite new but no doubt will get bashed around.

I drew it using Faber Castell Pitt pens and watercolour paint and Derwent watercolour pencils.

If you are interested here is the EDM challenge list  and if you scroll you can see my past efforts. The Every Day Matters drawing challenge has  a yahoo group, a flickr group and Facebook page.

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