Everyday Matters Drawing Challenge 256

Everyday matters drawing 256Boy I am being tardy with my blog posts here but here I am big stupid grin on my face with another drawing from the Every Day Drawing challenge list. Number 256 says draw something bubbly. Well… this did bubble at one stage

This is the mate to the coffee pot (EDM 249) –  a very battered kettle. It was used on wood stove for years and years. My father would say to me lets have a cuppa and it would go on the stove and he would poke and prod the fire into life while I stood and warmed my back. If it was summer we had an old Meters Kooka stove ( Aussies will know what I mean) outside. We cooked out there all summer in the cool of evening sitting out on the back verandah, as it was too hot to cook inside. Now of course he has electricity now but when I was young many areas of rural Australia had to generate their own power or go without.  Anyway those are the memories associated with this battered old thing. It made many cups of tea.

EDM 256 on my deskHere it is perched being a good model as you see it has very bent handle. I drew it using Faber Castell Pitt pens and watercolour paint and Derwent watercolour pencils. I sprinkled salt into wet watercolour to get the texture.

If you are interested here is the EDM challenge list  and if you scroll you can see my past efforts. The Every Day Matters drawing challenge has  a yahoo group, a flickr group and Facebook page.

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