Urban Sketchers Canberra November meeting

The exciting news this month is that Canberra Sketchers is now an official urban sketching group so we are now called Urban Sketchers Canberra. It is quite wonderful being included in a world wide network of people who love to sketch the world around them and support each other in that endeavour. You can find out more about Urban Sketchers here

Urban Sketchers Canberra november 2015 meetingToday the Urban Sketchers Canberra had our monthly sketching get together at the National Library today. It was a bit wet by mid afternoon but we all had heaps of fun sketching then taking a look at what we all did while chatting about sketching over lunch.

Urban Sketchers Canberra sketchbooksSince we have been meeting as a group I can see people improving their sketches. Groups such as this help people establish a consistent habit. I hope to get back to sketching more soon. I really enjoyed today – even the rain!

sketching at the Urban Sketchers Canberra meetingIf you are interested in Urban Sketchers Canberra feel free to contact me via the contact tab above. People with all levels of skill are welcome to join us and we would be happy to see any interstate or overseas visitors to Canberra. We also have a small but growing Urban Sketchers Canberra facebook group that we use to keep in touch.

Canberra Sketchers meet at Floriade

Canberra Sketchers October 2015The Canberra Sketchers group braved the crowds at Floriade today. It was a warm day with parking at an absolute premium and very crowded but we managed to meet, draw, have a picnic lunch and most importantly a good time.

Canberra Sketchers October 2015 sketchbooksWhen ever we get together  it always amazes me how everyone is in the same location but everyone will see and tackle a sketch in different ways.

Steves EclairsWe also discovered another hidden talent about one of our members – Steve is a good cook! He produced these wonderful home baked eclairs. I am afraid everyone was so busy tucking into them we barely had time to catch a photo let alone draw them!

The Canberra Sketchers get together to sketch on the first Sunday of the month. If you are interested in finding out where our next get together is dont hesitate to drop me line me via the contact page.

Canberra Sketchers

Canberra Sketchers at the War MemorialI have just walked in the door after a wonderfully energising meeting of the Canberra Sketchers who are  an easy going friendly group of people who warmly greeted 5 new faces. This made for for quite a sizeable and animated group. We met at out usual time of 10:30 gathering the foyer and chatting until everyone arrived.

Canberra Sketchers sketchbooksWe then all went our separate ways exploring the War Memorial  and grounds sketchbooks in hand before meeting again at 12:30. It always amazes me how we can all be in the same place but we all see see and sketch so many different things! I am afraid I spent more time talking than sketching

Canberra Sketchers sketchbooks over lunchConversation around the table was animated over lunch. People love seeing what tools others use and today much of the conversation was about various sketching kits members carried. The fine nuances of various bits of gear was discussed, talking about the various pens people were using the various pros and cons of various sized sketchbooks and the nuances of paper textures. Travel brushes and what gear was necessary for all of us –  and so on and so forth. In sharing such information we all learn, but most of all I enjoyed chatting to sketching buddies.

The Canberra Sketchers get together on the first Sunday of the month. If you are interested in finding out where our next get together is dont hesitate to drop me line me via the contact page

Canberra Sketchers

Yesterday a cluster of 7 people decided 5 degrees was far too cold to draw outside so we headed inside the Nishi building. It is actually a hotel that is eco-cool. Everything at Hotel, Hotel in New Acton screams modern hip design.

sketching and coffeeFor us as bunch of cold individuals the coffeeshop downstairs was most welcome. Not only is the architecture of the building interesting but the decor is littered with interesting objects. As you can see we all found lots of things to draw.

sketchbooks on table